The Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking: A List of Must-Have Tools

You are here because you have decided to start woodworking. Whether you are venturing into it as a hobby or to earn some money from your skills you need this guide.

Choosing to walk into a store today to pick any tool that you think will be useful will not cut it. You might leave a list of must-have tools and buy some items that you will never even use.

With this guide, your experience should be different. You will be able to buy the most important tools to use in almost all your projects.


1. Assembly Tools

Woodworking often involves assembling pieces. So, the first set of tools should be dedicated to assembling. Some assembling tools include a hammer, a mallet, a power drill, and a screw gun. 

There are several things to think about when choosing each of these tools. For example, when choosing a hammer, you must consider its claw design, handle composition, head design, and its weight. You must consider the specific function of a hammer before putting it in the buying cart.


2. Measurement and Angles Tools

Your wood piece would be imperfect if you randomly made it. The best woodworkers work with measurements and angles to create perfect pieces.

The first measuring tool to put in your cart should be a measuring tape. There are different types of tapes including folding tapes, flexible reel tapes, retractable steel tapes, and straight edges and yardsticks. You might need all of them, but, find out how you can use each and whether it is necessary to buy all of them.

Another measuring tool you should consider is a square. Like measuring tapes, there are different types of squares. These include miter, bevel, try squares, framing, speed, and combination squares.


3. Quality Cutting Tools

Your list of woodworking tools would be incomplete without cutting tools. Here, you can choose hand tools if you are a hand-on-deck type of person. Using these tools will be tiring.

The other alternative is to buy power tools. These will make your work easier and more enjoyable. You can work longer and be more productive by using powered tools.

There are several cutting tools you should not leave out of your cart. Some of these include a miter saw, circular saw, table saw, jigsaw, handsaw, and router.


4. Smoothing and Finishing Tools

Lastly, you should have several tools to help with finishing your wood pieces. For instance, you need a plane to smoothen wood or to reduce its thickness. You will also need sandpaper sheets, sanding discs, and mineral spirits.

To get a perfect piece, you might need paint, lacquer, polyurethane danish oil, tung oil, and. linseed oil.

These are some of the must-have woodworking tools you need. Before you buy any, you must consider its quality. Suncoast Precision Tools is all about providing quality cutting tools for your wood projects. Contact the company at 727-546-4655 to communicate your needs and order the right tools for your wood projects.






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