Scottona Vs Chianina – Two Leading Breeds

The Chianina is a breed of cattle that is known for its high-quality meat. It is also the oldest cattle breed in the world. Originally it was a draught breed, but it is now bred for beef. It can be found in many regions around the world. A variety of theories exist as to how it came about. Some say it was a cross between the macelladino and the fredde. Others believe it was the Balcan or a Turkish breed.

The name chianina is a play on the word chianti which is Italian for ‘red wine’. Cattle of this breed are usually white with a fat content of around 1-7%. They are a hardy breed which thrives in almost any climate. For this reason, they have a high yield of beef. This beef is a good choice for nutritional diets as it is rich in essential amino acids and iron.

The Igp (Istituto di Gestione dell’Ostituzione) from Vitellone Bianco (Vitellone Bianco) is the authority on quality certifications. It supervises the certification activities of chianina. Various aspects are monitored to ensure that quality standards are met. One of the most important is the maturation process. Usually, the meat is dry-aged for 15 days. Once cured, the taste is usually improved.

To make it more interesting, a few restaurants in Florence have decided to extend the dry aging time by a week or two. This gives the meat a tasteful patina and increases its tenderness. In addition, bacterial agents can lead to rotting. Grass infiltration also contributes to its moist and tender texture.

There are many varieties of this breed, but the scottona Italaina is the most common. A female cow between sixteen and twenty-two months old is called a scottona. She produces the best quality meat. The most important quality measure is not just the colour or the fat content, but the nutritional content. Specifically, the fat contains significant amounts of essential amino acids. Several other factors, including the maturity of the bovine, the presence of grass and moisture, and the maturation process, all play a role in the quality of the meat.

The Chianina is a well-rounded cattle that can tolerate heat and sunlight. The largest bulls can weigh as much as seventeen quintals. Because of its high growth rate, chianina is a good choice for livestock farming. Their meat is a tasty treat with a compact texture and significant quantities of essential amino acids.

Although Chianina has only recently made the leap into the beef industry, its ancient origins are still evident in the name. The meat is said to have been used for pagan sacrifices. Nowadays, it is a highly prized breed due to its versatility and the high quality of its meat. It is a very popular choice in Tuscany. You can find it in a number of taverns and restaurants. However, you won’t find it in too many public places. Most reputable vendors are based in the Tuscany regions of Lucca, Arezzo, Siena and Pisa.

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