How to Explore the Best of Menorca?


People mostly travel to Menorca because of its dreamy beaches and friendly environment. But apart from the holiday resorts, Das Island offers a Mediterranean environment. You only need to rent a car Menorca to do all of this. Here’s how you can explore the best of Menorca: a vibrant range of activities you can try. It is a place that is historically rich and you will find the marks of various ancient settlers. 

Declared by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, it has become a place where biodiversity and the natural environment remain highly protected. Choose from a wide range of activities, visit beaches, explore caves and enjoy the 

  • Take a vineyard tour and try samples 

There are nine major wine producers on this island presently and you can try many of them when you’re taking a tour through the vineyard. When you’re taking a tour through these vineyards, you can see the entire wine-making process and enjoy every bit of it. 

  • Explore undersea adventures 

Spreading across over 50sq km, there is a very popular marine reserve here named Norte de Menorca. It is just one of the many pristine coastal areas in the Mediterranean area. This is what makes it heavenly for those who enjoy scuba diving and other water sports. You will also come across various water creatures like conger eels and blue lobsters.  

  • Go kayaking 

A very interesting way of exploring the Menorca coast is to kayak. It is very relaxing yet cheap and easy. There are reasons why kayaking has become largely popular in Menorca. While kayaking through the island, you will also find many hidden caves and other places. Kayaking is so popular on this island that people often have to wait to get their kayak. 

  • Discover Mahon

Mahon is the largest natural harbor in the Mediterranean. When you’re in Menorca, don’t forget to visit this city and explore it. You’ll enjoy a place full of colonial architecture and military constructions. 

That’s all about how you can explore Menorca to the best. There are various other things you can try as well but these are the primary things you just can’t miss out on when you’re here. 


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