Vaughn De Spenza — Redefining the Art of Music

To be successful in the music business means many things. Carving out a fruitful and productive life in the industry is not easy. Few make it, and even fewer make it to the top. The line between art and commerce can be thin or wide. Though many possess creativity, those who wield discipline and insight behind the scenes are rare.

Vaughn De Spenza is such a man. His instincts started early when music was introduced to him at a very early age, and he began playing multiple instruments. His passion fueled his development in making the art of music his life-long goal, starting from grade school on through high school and throughout his college years,

But it takes more than being a mere musician to wear Vaughn De Spenza’s many hats, literally. His impeccable work style and unique understanding of each artist make his contributions rare, whether helping the artists creates the magic, handling the details, or representing the artist. Having done it for the best, De Spenza knows first-hand the qualities required that he possesses to hit the charts and gets the attention of many artists.

Although his work put him front and center in many industry areas and arenas, his greatest passion has always been music itself. According to De Spenza, music is the most transcendent and non-objective art because the artist can build visions in the listener’s brains solely through sound. 

Although De Spenza was given the first opportunity under unexpected circumstances, he had planned every step of his career later on. In 2010, he brought the Concentric Art Music Series into existence. It was a very well-planned step as this helped the music start a new era in Los Angeles. The president, De Spenza, of Reel Entertainment Group, originated the Concentric Art Music Series to give a platform for contemporary luminaries to showcase their talents. 

Along with being an artist, De Spenza was an intelligent entrepreneur; he knew how to sell his skills and, at the same time, how to make people aware of his gifted talents. He could reach a broader range of audiences through more vital networking. Currently, he owns companies that are Reel Entertainment Group, LLC, of which he is the founder and president, and Medallion Entertainment Global Alliance (MEGA).

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