Top 7 factors to consider while seeing used H-piles

H piles are one of the best decisions in construction projects. Due to their higher durability, project owners enjoy longer wear and tear. Used pipes are demanded more as these are sold at less price than the original cost. Thus, the seller enjoys more sale than the original manufacturers. Sellers sell h piles for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is the profit they make by selling these used piles in large quantity.

Before you put h piles on sale, consider a few factors to make most profit from the business.

Consider these 7 factors while seeing used H-piles:

  1. Check the condition of h piles:

It would be wise to check the condition of the h piles before selling it. Look for wear and tear. Also check corrosion, damage, dents, or any other bends. H piles in a good state can be sold for a better price and you will be able to win the trust of the customer.

  1. Check the location of h piles:

Look for location of the customer where you are supposed to deliver h piles in bulk. If the location is far you may have to consider the delivery charges or arrange for the transport. Consider a closer location of the customer if you don’t wish to deliver the h pile beams.

  1. Check the order and customer:

Confirm the order if it is bulk or a specific quantity needed by them. If you have limited number of used h piles, you must specify on your site or ask the customer for more time if you wish to arrange the quantity as demanded by them.

  1. Mention specifications:

Don’t miss to mention important specifications on your site such as length, width, thickness, coating, grade, etc… Without proper specification, it is unlikely that you will receive potential leads from the customers.

  1. Include pictures for online selling:

Products with pictures are more likely to sell than the products with no pictures. It helps the customers to guess the condition of h piles before they buy.

  1. Check the competitive prices:

Before finalizing the price of used h piles online, it would be wise to take a look at the competitive prices in the market. At what rate is your competitor selling used h piles? Also check the price of new h piles.

  1. Be open to negotiate:

Be open to negotiate with the customer for bulk orders on used h piles.

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