Important Tips For Safer Oral Sex From Cirillas Sex Toy Store!

Blow jobs, eating out, and simply ‘oral’ are all terms used to describe oral sex. It might be a fun method to get your creative juices going or simply a thoughtful gesture to your companion. Whatever the case may be, being wise and safe is always the more appealing alternative.

Bacteria and viruses flourish in warm, moist environments, such as your mouth and genitals. So, it’s critical to keep both of you safe since transmission can occur from mouth to genital or genital to mouth.  So in this article, Cirillas sex toy store brings you some important tips on how to safely please your partner orally! Let’s get started!


Taking an assessment of yourself and your relationship is always a smart idea. Make sure you don’t have any mouth sores before you begin. Also, avoid brushing your teeth right before the deed. Brushing your teeth can cause small wounds in your gums, both of which can make you more vulnerable to STD/STI transmission. Make sure your partner’s vaginal region is free of sores, discharge, or strange odors as well. These could be signs of infection, and oral sex should be avoided until the problem is cured. But if everything looks good, dive right in!


This is when you use your tongue to stimulate your penis. Use a male condom to help lower your risk of STI transmission. Consider using a flavored condom with a drop of lubrication inside before placing it on your lover. This can help the receiver feel more sensation. Consider preventing ejaculation if you don’t want to use a condom.

Cunnilingus or Rimming

The stimulation of the vulva and anus is known as cunnilingus and analingus, respectively. Use a barrier to help lower your chance of STD/STI transmission. A dental dam is the preferred barrier, but if you don’t have one, chances are you can make one yourself. A male condom can be unrolled, the tip removed and then cut up the side. You’re left with a flat latex piece that’s ideal for play. Use a finger cot or a glove if you wish to include fingers in your oral play. Remember not to brush your teeth after you’ve finished! Mouthwash can be used instead.

Final Thoughts

Communication with your partner is crucial and can assist you in deciding which safer oral sex practices to use. Remember, safety is more appealing!

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