Five quick winter mental wellbeing boosts

The colder months might already be feeling a bit more challenging than in previous years. With some lingering uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, many people are still working from home. While 52.36% of All Things Hair readers stated that working remotely has had a positive impact on their overall wellbeing, 21% said working remotely had a negative impact. As we all stay inside more, it’s important to do all we can to care for our mental wellbeing. So below are five quick ways to get a mental health boost this winter.    

  1. Get pumped with some indoor exercise

To get a quick mental boost, exercise indoors by pulling up some online dance class videos or a similar type of energetic workout video. Even just working out with an instructor through a video can make you feel more connected to others. Plus, dancing is a fun way to burn some calories without feeling the strain or boredom of a more routine workout. You might also try more meditative practices like yoga or tai chi, which may help increase your feeling of wellness, as well as providing other health benefits.    

  1. Pamper yourself with some luxurious haircare

Winter can be a harsh time for hair with all that cold air drying it out. On top of that, you might be tempted to let your haircare go for a while if you’re not preparing for any parties, you’re in an area with pandemic restrictions or you’re in that period where social events wind down after New Year’s Eve. 

A good pick-me-up can be to give yourself a mini spa day at home. Why not indulge in a soothing deep condition for your hair while you sit and relax in a bubble bath? Taking the time to put yourself first in this way can help you enjoy a mental boost. Also, experimenting with or changing your hair’s color or style can add the spice of variety to your winter.     

  1. Find something funny or outdoorsy to watch

An instant way to feel better is to throw something funny on TV. As dark and cold as the days are, nothing makes them at least feel sunnier than a good laugh. 

You might also want to put in something that takes you away and puts you in an outdoor adventure, like a nature documentary. All that greenery can feel wonderfully refreshing and inspire you to get back to nature as soon as the weather permits.

  1. Start a new project

Having a project going at home can add structure and purpose to your day. Some ideas include:

  • Get a crafting kit, follow the instructions and see what blossoms. You can find a kit for anything, from diamond painting to latch hooking. 
  • Get in touch with your inner muse and try writing poetry, flash fiction or short stories.
  • Look online for interior design inspiration and see how you can spruce up your home space. 
  1. Remember to stay connected

Just because you’re inside more doesn’t mean you have to feel disconnected. Remember to call or video chat with friends and family regularly. Depending on what local restrictions are in place relating to the pandemic, you might also try meeting up for lunch or just going for a winter hike to enjoy some fresh air.

Staying connected can help those winter days feel less dark and cold.

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