Family-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

There is nothing better than cooking something delicious for your kids and family in the kitchen while they enjoy the aroma and eagerly wait for the meal. Spending time together with your family has several health benefits. One way to encourage your family to spend time together is by making your kitchen more family and kid-friendly. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Families gather there to eat and chat. This is why it is important to consider the kid-friendly factors when designing or renovating your kitchen. It can be complex to accommodate kids’ activities in the kitchen, stay organized, and look good at the same time. But armoires Entrepot Cuisine can help you find what you are looking for. 

Family-friendly kitchen design ideas

  • Pay attention to the seating. 

When you want to build a family-friendly kitchen, the seating arrangement is everything. If there is no space and place to sit, your kids and other family members will not be able to enjoy themselves. Whether your family sits around the dining table or on barstools around your kitchen island, the seating should be comfortable and safe for kids. Kids can also make messes. So, make sure the chairs and barstools are of easily cleanable material. 

  • Kid-proof countertops and cabinet fronts. 

Kids can get messy and touch the dirty countertops and cabinet fronts with their bare hands and put the same hands in their mouths. That is why it is important to consider anti-bacterial and mold-resistant properties while choosing the material for your countertops and cabinet doors. Kids can make your kitchen more dirty as well. So, it pays to choose easy-to-clean materials that do not leave a stain behind. 

  • Have a menu board. 

A menu board is not something you usually see in people’s homes, but it can certainly make your kids engage more with what you do in the kitchen. A menu board shows the list of food items, including drinks and special desserts you may make for them. It is an easy way to tell your family what to expect later for dinner. Consider making the menu with chalkboard paint so that it is easy to erase and rewrite every day. 

  • Storage. 

Big families with kids demand a lot of storage in the kitchen. You need storage to store the raw ingredients that you will use to cook food as well as the snacks your kids like to have in the evening. Each kid and family member likes a different item, so you want to make sure there is storage space for all of their favorites. When designing your kitchen, do not forget to include walk-in pantries, drawers, pot hangers, etc. 

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