What is a paint protection film? Top features

Do you own a car? You must be aware of the term paint protection film as most dealers may be suggesting you of the same. Car protection films do a lot more than you can imagine to your car. Without these, some car owners do not even take risks of taking their car out of the garage. We are here to discuss the meaning, aim, and purpose of car protection films.

As per the experts at ProShield PPF Montreal, a paint protection film bought by a good brand stays with your car for a long time. If you are yet unsure of what it does to your car, read further…

What is a car protection film?

A car or paint protection film is also referred to as PPF. These films protect your car from scratches, weather conditions, and other dust or dirt. If you are curious to know further about these films, read till the end to know the features and benefits.

You need to take your care to a good dealer or car expert to fix the film on your car’s exteriors. These films come in a thin layer of Urethane that is also known as clear bras for your car. The glossy finish makes your car look splendid and shiny for a long time.

Other than dirt, dust, UV rays, and scratches, paint protection films help protect your car from other annoying concerns such as dried leaves, insects, resins, and chemical reactions. Thus, it acts like a shield to your car that protects it from several unwanted and unexpected conditions. Hailstorms, rain drops, and debris are a few examples of the same. Let’s also learn the special features of these films for your vehicle.

Top 3 features of paint protection films:

  1. A good quality PP film self-heals any scratches or minor bruises on your car. Its thermoplastic polymer material doesn’t allow scratches to get visible to the eyes. The film softens and becomes pliable itself on heating. As a result, minor scratches go away by itself.
  2. Another amazing feature to look at is these films do not make your car look faded or turn yellow with time. Despite exposing to UV rays, these do not get discolored or look dull with time. Cars look as good as new.
  3. Enjoy longer durability with good quality films like ProShield PPF Montreal.

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