What is a Clamping Kit Used For?

A clamping device is used to hold fixtures in the correct position and to ensure that the job is not displaced under cutting forces. It is required to clamp the jig. Clamping prevents the workpiece from moving around or being pulled from the jig/fixture during machining.

Here are the basic rules of clamping devices:

  1. They must hold the workpiece firmly while the machining process is ongoing. Its force should be enough to keep the workpiece in the correct position.
  2. They should not damage the workpiece while holding them.
  3. They should only be applied where the workpiece has enough support to prevent bends and damages due to clamping force.
  4. They must not interfere with the worker or the machine’s operation.
  5. They should not loosen during the machining process.

What is a clamping kit used for? They are very handy for setting up your machine tools and fabrication tables. They are commonly used in mills and fixturing in shops. A Te-Co 52-Piece Standard clamping kit is made in the USA and is very affordable. You can buy a clamping kit made in China or Taiwan (which is popular), but you will see the difference in the threading quality, the squares that fit in the T-slots (so you won’t damage the mill table), and how the studs don’t dig into your mill table.

The whole toolset will allow you to perform end-to-end clamping activities with all the tools available. You will also get a rack that can be fixed in your workplace for easy reach. This Te-Co clamping kit can be used with Bridgeport-type milling machines. The coupling or extension nuts are threaded fasteners that can enjoin two threaded rods or pipes.

The flange nuts serve as an integrated washer. T-slot nuts are used to secure workpieces. There are four pieces of studs with different lengths. Serrated-end clamps slide at a 45° angle to hold your workpiece tightly. Set blocks are also included to assist you with clamping.


  1. All pieces of the clamping kit are adaptable to hold your workpieces in place, no matter what type of material.
  2. You can use them in carpentry, machining, metalworking, etc.
  3. You can use them to complete tasks like sawing, gluing, chiseling, filing, grinding, welding, drilling, etc.

The Te-Co Steel Super Clamp Kit, on the other hand, has the following components:

  1. Machine tool table holder. This attaches to any kind of flat surface, providing an easy way to clamp down on materials that need holding.
  2. Blocks of steel with gray and black-oxide finish. You can work on your vehicle without worrying about scratches or metal damage.
  3. T-Slot to Fit 13/16 T-Slot Nuts. There are three T-slot clamps of different sizes. It also has six ¾ t-nuts to connect the clamp handles and 10 screws.
  4. Made of case hardened 1018 steel. They are made from the type of steel used in construction, shipbuilding, and the aerospace industry.

There are many other types of clamping kits out there. With Te-Co, there are Super Clamp Kits, Punch Press Kits, T-Nut and Stud Kits, Milling Machine Clamps, Machinist Clamp Kits, Expanded Clamp Kits, Basic Clamp Kits, and others.

Suncoast Precision Tools have different types of Te-Co Clamping Kits that will suit your needs. Order here: https://www.suncoasttools.com/crm/ItemPage.aspx?ItemNumber=CL.687TSLOT1/2%2252PTO&VendorNumber=TE-CO

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