Virtual Escape Rooms For Kids Of All Ages

We’ve got to get innovative with Girl Scouts gathering ideas since everyone is sitting at home. I happened to come across Virtual Escape Rooms. My child opted to make her own after experiencing many with the relatives. Her escape room has always been a huge hit so I thought I’d post a few of our other favorites. For children of different ages, here are a few virtual escape rooms.

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What Is A Virtual Escape Room?

A set of challenges make up a virtual escape room. To progress towards the next stage, you should answer the challenge properly, much like in a regular escape room. Virtual escape rooms, like their physical counterparts, are frequently thematic and require varying levels of expertise to accomplish.

Christmas Virtual Escape Room

Is it possible for all of you to assist Claus in delivering gifts to youngsters all across the planet on time for The holidays? Throughout this free Xmas Virtual Escape Room, tackle the problems as well as find the hints to assist Santa to fulfill his presents and discover how and when to say Merry Xmas across the planet. Suitable for children in elementary school and up

New Year’s Eve Virtual Escape Room

Do you think you’ll be able to finish your New Year’s agreements from the previous year by the end of the night on New Year’s Eve? To finish your rulings and so this New Year’s Eve Virtual Escape Room, fix the mysteries and get the hints. You’ll discover a fun New Year’s Eve custom from all over the globe as you solve each challenge.

Easter Egg Hunt Virtual Escape Room

Can you crack the password for an Easter festival by finding every one of the concealed Easter Eggs and solving the mysteries? Throughout this Easter Virtual Escape Room, children would have a blast uncovering the puzzles.

Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room.

In this Valentine’s Day Virtual Escape Room, complete the problems to help you understand where and how to send each one of the valentines you crafted for family and friends.

The Mandalorian Escape Room

A child has disappeared, and it’s up to both you and Mando to locate him first before Empire’s ruins do! Wander the Star Wars galaxy as a Robot, Wookie, or Individual in quest of Baby Yoda. But be cautious about which route you take; you may end up regretting it! Engage with many creatures from Mandalorian as well as other Star Wars tales! Only for students in grades 7 and above. ***Warning: The said escape room depicts acts of brutality; therefore, it is not suitable for the fainthearted! ***

Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room

Will you be able to save Mr. Turkey against being devoured on Thanksgiving? In this complimentary Thanksgiving Virtual Escape Room, complete the challenges and find the hints to aid Mr. Turkey in reverting to his home safely.

All these escape rooms sound like a lot of fun! Experience and enjoy it, what are you waiting for? Thanks for reading our article. Peace out J

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