Transplanting is that transplanting shock can cause a lot of stress to your cannabis plants which is why extreme carefulness is required during the process of transplanting your cannabis plant from one cannabis pot to another. The minimal root damage the better it is for your cannabis plant. Second to carefulness during the process of transplanting is cleanliness. Ensure that where this process is going on is clean, and wash your hand properly before handling your plants in a cannabis pot it is also safe to make use of hand gloves during this process. It is also not safe to transplant under the hot sun during the day to prevent the root from exposure to hot sun, it can be done very early in the morning or late in the evening when the sun has set.


  1. When you want to transplant your seedling, ensure you water them 1–2 days before the actual transplanting. The soil must not be wet but moist. For later transplants.
  2. Proper preparation of the new cannabis pot by filling it with a good soil mix. Don’t fill it all the way up that will make the cannabis pot over-packed. Water the new pot that is filled with the soil mix. Dig a hole for the planting of the new plant.
  3. And this may be a perfect time to make use of a root stimulator as it helps to ease the shock from the transplanting process and makes the plant in the cannabis pot develop properly.

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