How Reliable are Kohler Generators?

Nearly all major organizations and mainstream businesses own an industrial generator. The machine serves different purposes to support business operations. Today, different brands of industrial generators exist on the market, but choosing the best brand is an uphill task for many consumers.

Why Does Your Business Need an Industrial Generator?

Many times, your business premise may face power loss or outage. An industrial generator comes in handy at such times. Kohler is one of the most reliable brands to consider if you’re looking for an industrial or residential generator. If you’ve not installed one in your residential or business premise, it’s time to look for Kohler generators for sale.

Kohler generators are known for their outstanding quality and durability. Each Kohler generator passes through multiple quality tests from start to finish. The company has a stable engineering team that conducts several performance tests during the design stage. The engineers check everything, down to the bolts.

After the design process passes the inspection, the generator proceeds to the production stage. However, it goes through final checks before leaving the factory. This makes them more reliable than other brands on the market. Kohler generators are so fast and reliable that they automatically power your equipment within 10 seconds.

They can power everything all at the same time, according to the generator and load size. Importantly, if you buy a Kohler generator, the company offers a 5-year, 2000-hour protection, including a durable, corrosion-proof enclosure. All generators come with comprehensive coverage with limited warranties.

The company offers 5-year coverage on parts, labor, and dealer travel. The coverage can be extended to 10 years.

Top Reasons for Choosing Kohler Generators

If you’re looking for Kohler generators for sale, here are the top reasons for choosing this brand:


As mentioned earlier, each Kohler generator passes through a series of performance tests. This confirms the quality of each machine before it’s released to the public. Kohler is a trusted brand, delivering generators to residential owners, commercial owners, healthcare facilities, and construction sites.

Automatic Power Delivery

Kohler generators can automatically power various devices and major appliances in just 10 seconds. They deliver quality power that protects the user’s devices from unpredictable power surges. Every Kohler generator has a heavy-duty engine designed to endure extreme workloads for many years. The engines are built to outlast a power outage.

Consumers should know the right places to buy Kohler generators, as not all suppliers are legit. For reliable Kohler generators for sale, visit

Power Systems West has been a provider of power backup solutions since 1955. The company has five centers that deal in parts and service, with teams deployed across seven states in the entire Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region.

A standby generator is an important investment for homes, organizations, and businesses. With several brands on the market, consumers find it difficult to pick the best brand and model for their operations.

Kohler generators have been on the market for more than 100 years, confirming their reliability. The first Kohler generator was built in 1920. Since then, the company has relied on one simple goal—to create the world’s best home and industrial generators.

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