Handmade rugs crafted just for your taste

Handmade rugs also referred to as Oriental rugs, is a rug that is made by hand on a specialized loom. The process of making these handmade rugs is incredibly taxing. This technique itself requires that the weaver insert knots into the rug and tie them each by hand. The entire process is taxing, yet the result is worth it by far. To preserve both the quality and aesthetics of the rugs, a thorough amount of care is poured into the weaver’s technique. The reason is careful construction, handmade carpets will often last for hundreds of years as compared to hand-tufted and machine-made carpets. Handmade carpets are considered artwork, so much thought is put into the construction of the design. Since handmade carpets are not mass-produced, each one is a direct reflection of the weaver’s creative design and uniqueness. These carpets are often quite valuable and can be passed down from generation to generation and heirloom quality is rarely found in any form of the product.

We never hear of individuals ordering old pieces of traditional carpet to accent a room. The thought is actually rather annoying. in most cases, a traditional carpet is not a good choice for decorators, but handmade rugs are. This is because most designers will rather decorate according to a new trend, modern or post-modern style.

Simply there is no way to clean a traditional carpet short of a new install thoroughly. Unlike carpets which are purely disposable goods, handmade carpets are unique and beautiful treasures.

Benefits to have handmade carpets:

Handmade carpets have beauty and class. The benefits of handmade carpets add substantial value. What do you think are the real benefits of buying handmade carpets? This question is rather difficult to answer, not because there aren’t specific benefits like durability, quality, and sanitation. These topics hardly scratch the surface of the real benefits of owning a fine carpet.

Handmade carpet help complete your room’s overall décor in a way that a traditional beige carpet cannot. These carpets don’t require a professional installation. If you decide you want a change it, simply move it!

Handmade carpets, depending upon their use, can break up and diversify your space or act as anchors to accent and clearly define a space. These handmade carpets can also make a room feel larger by shifting your focus off of the ceiling and walls. They are unique, one-of-a-kind, artistic investments. No one else will own a copy of your carpet!

With proper care, these Handmade carpets never lose their value and only become more cherished as time passes. These carpets are also soft, plush, and inviting. Be kind to your feet and your floors.

Handmade carpets are vibrant and colorful. These carpets are also a great conversation piece that will turn your once-neglected floors into an art gallery!

These carpets are cheap and timeless and having these handmade carpets from a good place result in having the best quality material for your home products giving you a long-life look for your space.

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