FoxPro to MySQL Database Migration

In comparison to other DBMS, the conversion from FoxPro to MySQL is rather easy and uncomplicated. This is also because complicated databases such as views, triggers, and processes are not present. The accompanying program contains the functionality for data manipulation, while FoxPro is utilized just for storage. Due to the lack of complexity, the majority of businesses are migrating their databases from FoxPro to MySQL. However, this is not a straightforward process due to the following complexities:

  • Unmatched data types

The two possible values in FoxPro are ‘True’ and ‘False,’ which are denoted by the symbols ‘T’ and ‘F’. BOOLEAN’s equivalent type also takes two values. It is, however, equivalent with TINYINT (1). Given that both ‘T’ and ‘F’ are identified as having potential values of 1 and 0, semantic equivalence requires that they be mapped in this manner. In certain circumstances, it is desirable to retain the original data “as is,” and ENUM(‘T’,’F’) is the most suitable type mapping.

  • Numerous character types

Encoding is stored in the DBF file store only in the header, whether it is wrong or empty. The most effective technique to resolve this issue is to ensure that data is converted correctly in the DBF file’s codepage. Thus, if the texts are erroneous, the database administrator is encouraged to convert the files afresh.

What solutions does FoxPro to MySQL migration offer?

Prior to importing the FoxPro tables into MySQL, it is recommended to export the files in Comma Separated Values format. DBF files are converted using dbf2csv. However, the procedure’s latter phase is accomplished out using MySQL’s ‘LOAD DATA INFILE’ command as follows:

  1. Copy CSV files to the relevant data folder in the target MySQL database. This is because, for security reasons, only the data stored inside the folder is loaded.
  2. Then execute the following command:

INSERT INTO TABLE database.student THE DATA INFILE’student.csv’



It is essential to perform post-processing processes in order to provide answers to the aforementioned difficulties. This is a manual process.

Using dbf2sql.php, a database administrator may convert DBF files to SQL scripts. By doing so, the administrator may omit the CSV file step associated with table construction and subsequent filling. One disadvantage is the inability to configure the FoxPro logic type mapping. As a result, user-defined encoding is prevented. Additionally, there is no intelligence in addressing potential migration difficulties from FoxPro to MySQL.

Intelligent Converters is a commercial firm that develops professional products such as the FoxPro-to-MySQL tool for customizing conversion processes such as logical value processing and encoding method selection. These capabilities eliminate the need for human labor and intermediary phases throughout the transfer process. If the destination MySQL server does not support remote connections, the FoxPro to MySQL converter may export the source database to a MySQL script file that can be loaded using conventional server tools.

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