Exactly How Long Does A Granite Countertop Last?

Just like any other natural stone, granite is very strong and durable. While it possesses various attractive qualities, such as an aesthetically appealing appearance, resistance to chipping, heat resistance, etc., one of the reasons it is a highly chosen material for countertops is its durability. Once you buy granite, you can rest assured you will get to keep it for your lifetime. 

The fact is that comptoir Granite countertops can last for a hundred years or more if taken proper care of. Granite can withstand heavy traffic and the daily wear and tear caused by foot traffic. However, it does require some regular upkeep. You do not have much to worry about as long as you keep your granite sealed and well-cleaned. 

Does granite last longer than its alternatives?

Yes. As mentioned in this blog’s introduction, granite can last for a hundred years or even more when you follow the right measures. To put things into perspective, here are other materials and their lifespan. 

  • Cultured marble: 20 years
  • Concrete countertops: 20 years
  • Laminate: 20-30 years
  • Tile: 100+ years

Steps to take to ensure your granite countertops thrive for decades

  • Seal it. 

The first thing you ought to do when you get granite countertops is seal off the surface layer. This is important because granite is a porous natural stone and absorbs anything that spills over it. Liquid and food particles may slip through the tiny pores that you won’t be able to clean. Sealing will create a barrier between the external objects and the granite. 

  • Clean the countertops every day. 

Wipe your countertops with warm water, dish soap, and a microfibre cloth to keep them clean and give them a longer life without destroying their surface. Harsh chemicals, cleaning solutions, and abrasive scrubbing tools can ruin the shine and luster of the material. Harsh products can also break down sealants. 

  • Proper installation. 

People wonder why granite installation is so expensive. It is all because of the great precision, accuracy, and care it requires. Granite installation must be done in the right way to avoid wasting money and resources. 

What causes damage to granite?

Yes, granite is a strong material. But that does not mean you can drop heavy items on it from a distance and expect it to remain intact. Granite is not invincible, and it will eventually break into pieces if not cared for. Granite kitchen countertops users should handle their heavy and hot pans with care to avoid damaging the material. Very hot pans can also ruin the sealant. 

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