Are You Planning to Move to the U.S. From Canada?

Canadian citizens cannot simply seek U.S. citizenship unless they were born overseas to parents who were citizens of the country. Instead, in order to be eligible for naturalization, Canadians often need to be permanent residents and have lived in the US for a set amount of time.

Permanent residence in the US is also referred to as a “green card.” If you possess a green card, you are a permanent resident. With a green card, a Canadian can live, work, and settle permanently in the US.

It is crucial to have all of your paperwork while cross border moving from Canada to USA in order and ensure that the mover has everything they require to get your belongings across the border in order to set yourself up for a successful moving day. 

Here are three actions to take to help the big day go well:


  • Provide your mover all that they need

Your mover will be your best ally as you make your way to the United States during this phase of the transfer. 

Your mover will require the following few paperwork to provide at customs in order to successfully transport your belongings across the border:

  • A duly completed 3299 customs form. For free entry of your unaccompanied baggage this is the declaration.
  • Your letter of offer of employment along with work or study visa  
  • Your valid passport.
  • Your I94 document
  • Enter the U.S. before your baggage do

You do not need to be physically present at the border with your belongings if all of your paperwork is in order. At the border, your I94 papers and work visa are approved/stamped. Consequently, you must enter the country before the vehicle does.

Remember that as long as you have owned your personal belongings for at least a year, you can enter the United States duty-free. It is best to research prices between buying items in southern border part and Canada if you want to purchase a lot of new items before moving.

  • Consider your auto needs

Consider purchasing a car in the United States if you intend to have one when you relocate, autos can be less expensive there, and you can pay less sales tax.

Your car must adhere to American safety and environmental regulations if you intend to import it into the country. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website contains a wealth of knowledge as well as all the paperwork you require to import your vehicle.

You may have to provide the following documents as well:

  • A compliance letter from the car manufacturer and not the dealer, saying that it meets all the U.S. safety standards.
  • A completed EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) form for all vehicles that you’re transporting. Your vehicle must conform to the USA EPA emissions standards and requirements.
  1. A HS7 form is considered as a declaration form for transporting all automobiles into the US.

Remember that you may be required to pay sales tax on your current vehicle when you are going to register your car in some states.


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