Are You Facing Frequent Thread Tap Accidents?

If you have experience using thread taps such as Trapezoidal thread taps or ACME thread taps, you would know how difficult it is to prevent thread tap accidents. Most of us are used to thread tap accidents but we do not know how to bring those accidents down. Some of these thread tap accidents could prove to be time consuming to fix and some of them could result in expensive damages. How do we deal with these accidents?

There are different types of thread taps. You cannot randomly use any thread tap for any application. You cannot use ACME thread tap when you are supposed to be using trapezoidal thread taps. Picking the right thread tap for the right application is one of the basic keys to keep the number of accidents low.

The first step is to know your application clearly and pick the right type of thread taps with the help of the experts. Once you know which is the best thread tap for your requirements, you need to look at the best experts to source these tools. The thread taps have to be sourced from the most trusted manufacturers. If you want to cut down the cost of sourcing thread taps, make sure that you are making the cost cutting efforts keeping the quality factor in mind. Failing to pay attention to the quality factor will lead to increasing thread tap accidents.

Do not engage or employ anyone that does not have adequate experience in tapping threads. Someone without adequate training is bound to break the thread taps. The problem is not just the breaking of the thread gauges and thread taps but what is even more crucial is the fact that the thread tapping process happens in the last leg of the production process. So, if the thread tap gets stuck in the component you are manufacturing there are chances that you damage the component and as a result, waste a lot money and time that has gone into the making of these components. You cannot therefore make random choices or ignore any of the above factors. By paying attention to these basics, you will definitely be able to bring down the thread tap accidents considerably.

There is yet another important factor to keep in mind when it comes to bringing down the thread tap accidents and that is regular thread tap maintenance protocol. Are your technicians instructed to clean the thread taps before every use and after every use? Are you using the right lubricants and coolants? Do you have adequate supply of coolants when tapping thread? If there are any oversights in these matters you could end up with an accident. Review all these factors closely so that you could save yourself a lot of time and that you could prevent a number of unnecessary challenges that result from the wrong or incorrect use of the thread taps. You cannot completely avoid them but you can certainly bring it down considerably.

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