All About Commercial licence in UAE

A business licence is necessary for any company that makes purchases from or sales to the UAE. The bearer of this document is granted permission to import, export, store, or distribute the things listed on the licence. A licence applicant’s application may list three distinct product lines or ten comparable ones.

For the purpose of facilitating import and export activities, licence holders in the UAQ Free Trade Zone may apply to join the UAQ Chamber of Commerce. A no-visa package is available for those who don’t need a resident visa and a variety of licence packages to meet visa quota requirements.

The steps that you should take to start a business licence in UAE:

Establishing a business for commercial dealing in the UAQ Free Trade Zone is really simple. A corporation can be incorporated in this country in as little as 24 hours, and there is little bureaucracy in the application procedure. There are five fundamental steps to follow:

Step 1: Choose your firm name for approval, describe your intended activity, and specify the type of licence you need.

Step two: Provide the UAQ Free Trade Zone Authority with all the required documentation. There should always be a copy of your passport in a coloured form, and your application form should also be included.

Step 3: Signed documentation for incorporation must be delivered to the FTZA. These ought to be authentic, not duplicates.

Step 4: As soon as the paperwork has been accepted, move on further and submit your money.

Step 5: Await the issuance of your business licence, but don’t wait too long because it happens quickly.

Within two days of the company’s incorporation, you might be operating your commercial enterprise with success. The UAQ Free Zone office can be accessed online, saving you time and money when registering your business or paying for a licence application.

You can conduct business in a large variety of industries with a Commercial licence, including this stuff, but not restricted only to the following:

  • Foods and drinks
  • Attire and footwear
  • Domestic utensils
  • Cosmetics and colognes
  • Installation and upkeep of theatre and cinema equipment
  • Frozen storage
  • Common warehousing
  • Services for self-storage
  • Restaurant administration
  • Spare parts for industrial and heavy equipment
  • Construction and erection
  • Newest exports of vehicles

Applying for a business licence is the first step on this incredibly fruitful path.

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